For any small business owner, it’s common knowledge that getting a start-up running for success always boils down to a question of affordability, such as:

  • “Can we afford to get a new product to sell?”
  • “Can we afford to get a new system or piece of equipment that will help us work better?”
  • “Can we afford to move to a bigger facility that will let us do more?”
  • “Can we afford to rebrand?”

Although some factors to success can’t be bought—such as grit, determination, and humility—many of the catalysts for your growth will have to be accounted for and budgeted for because they come with a price. However, with all this talk about affordability, investments, and prices, here’s one thing your small business CAN’T afford: bad bookkeeping.

The problem with bad bookkeeping

Amid the different problems and hurdles that you can experience during business ownership, bad bookkeeping often proves to be the most frustrating and costly challenge of the bunch.

With your financial management efforts and cash flow being the lifeblood of your company’s performance, it’s clear that getting things wrong with your books can lead to big troubles down the road. By recognizing the problem that comes with such an unaffordable issue, you can help ensure that you save your small business from costly predicaments!

Why you can’t afford bad bookkeeping

One thing you should know about bad bookkeeping is that it comes in the form of various mistakes. To help ensure that your start-up remains financially-airtight without running into certain problems that may put your fiscal security in danger, here are the reasons your small business can’t afford bad bookkeeping:

1. You’ll end up filing taxes late

Unless you want to put your business to fail right from the beginning and deal with years of compounded expenses and penalties, you’re better off filing your taxes on time. However, you can end up making the problem of late tax filing more persistent if you maintain bad bookkeeping practices in your business.

It may not seem like much at first, but filing your taxes late can lead to many problems and hurdles that can put your business at risk because of the IRS’ stricter stand. Considering that staying stable is one of the main priorities that are on your plate right now, you can’t afford to deal with the implications of business audits and late filings—so ensure that you file your taxes on time!

2. You’ll end up making poor business decisions

Another reason you must avoid maintaining a culture of bad bookkeeping is that it’s guaranteed to result in a domino effect of poor decisions. In fact, these same poor decisions can lead to thousands of dollars in losses that can thwart your start-up’s chances of success!

Considering that proper bookkeeping is the backbone of your business’s financial health in the long run and is the main basis of information that you work with, it’s best to assume that slacking around can lead to bad decisions. As such, avoiding such problems from happening always boils down to applying the right processes and upholding a strong standard for proper bookkeeping.

Fortunately, you can avoid the two problems mentioned above by getting in touch with A4E’s experts so that we resolve your bad bookkeeping problem with our personalized bookkeeping services.


While the concept of affordability is something that you’d end up applying to different things in your business, bad bookkeeping shouldn’t be one of them. Through this guide’s help, you can effectively prevent such a problem from happening so that you don’t end up putting your shot at success at risk.

A4E offers personalized bookkeeping and taxes dedicated to helping businesses beat the growing problem of bad bookkeeping with years of experience and qualified expertise. If you want to help ensure that your business has the necessary helping hands that can take your business’s financial work to the next level, get in touch with us today.