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Bookkeeping, taxes, payroll and so much more for a simple, flat price.

Add additional or one-time services as you see fit.

30-day risk-free money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Solo Founders Only

$299/month* For solo founders getting off the ground.
  • Quarterly Bookkeeping, 2 accounts
  • Business Tax Returns (1 Fed + 1 State)
  • Quarterly Tax Estimates & Planning
  • Support via email/chat


$499/month* Perfect for businesses needing the essentials POPULAR
  • Monthly Bookkeeping (up to $30k expenses)
  • Business Tax Returns (1 Fed + 1 State)
  • Quarterly Tax Estimates & Planning
  • 1099s (up to 5)
  • Support via email/chat


$999/month* Perfect for businesses looking to scale and grow
  • Monthly Bookkeeping (up to$30k expenses)
  • Business Tax Returns (1 Fed + 1 State)
  • Quarterly Tax Estimates & Planning
  • 1099s (up to 10)
  • Payroll Filings (up to 2 employees)
  • Monthly budget analysis and review
  • Monthly 1 hour remote financial call
  • Support via email/chat

Additional Services

Tax & Back Tax Filings

starts at

$750 / return

Returns include business or personal

Payroll Services

starts at

$100 / month

Covers your first employee

Bill Pay Services

starts at

$249 / month

We'll manage paying your bills, pay them on time, so you can focus on growing your business.

Launch Services

starts at


Includes business registration setup and tax structure planning.

Catch-up & Clean-up Services

starts at

$249 / month

Includes bookkeeping and/or tax catch-up and clean-up services.

CFO & Growth Services

starts at

$249 / month

Create budgets, short and long-term forecasts, KPI and dashboards, and business performance advisory.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started?

    Choose the package that fits best for your needs. Afterwards, we will contact you via email to discuss next steps and a checklist of items we will need. If you feel more comfortable with email, please contact us at

  • Can I cancel my service at anytime?

    Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Our services end starting the month after your cancellation request. If we have already prepared your tax return, you will only need to reimburse us for the prorated cost of the the tax preparation fee, which is $1,800/year.

  • Can you elaborate on your minimum six month commitment period for tax return service?

    We strive to provide the two most important services for all service businesses and small businesses - accounting and tax preparation. Tax preparation fees are typically an annual fee, but we decided to consolidate them into a simple, fixed monthly rate. If you decide to cancel before your six month commitment and we have prepared your tax return, we can help assist you. We recommend a 12 month commitment to truly benefit from our packages.

  • What if I only need tax preparation or bookkeeping services?

    No problem! We also provide tax preparation and bookkeeping services as stand-alone offerings in addition to our monthly packages. For tax preparation we can give you a exact quote once you've filled out a brief questionnaire about your tax situation or just simply upload your prior year’s tax return on our secure portal. Please refer to our contact page to request a quote!

  • What counts as part of my monthly expenses?

    We consider any of the following combination as part of your monthly expenses: cost of services, payroll, operating expenses, inventory (if any), and capital expenditures.

  • What if I need to add on extra services that are currently not included in my package such as payroll for additional employees or cleaning up my books?

    Absolutely, we can add these onto your packages. Please contact us here.

  • I signed up in the middle of the year. Do I need to pay extra for you to clean up my books and to play catch up?  

    We'd be happy to clean up your books, regardless of when you sign up! Please contact us here to learn more.

  • What do I get in the CFO & Growth services?

    As a small business ourselves, we know the importance of having someone to help us understand the numbers, tieing them back to operations, and then improving them to increase sales or reduce costs. With this service, we're able to create annual budgets, monthly forecasts, create KPI metrics, develop dashboards and review with you on a monthly basis. Our goal is to make you succeed.

  • Do you offer any long term discounts?

    Yes we do! Please contact us to learn more.

  • I still have questions. Who can I contact?  

    Feel free to contact us at or our contact page. We'd ba happy to answer any questions.

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Sara is very kind and professional. She is always very helpful and responds to our request very promptly! We appreciate it so much!

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